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Disposable Robe (White)

Code : BTY001

UOM: 5x10

Plastic Dust Pan And Brush

Code : CLN009

UOM: Pkt

Plastic Toilet Brush With Holder

Code : CLN012

UOM: Pcs

Brush Plastic: Nail

Code : CLN067

UOM: 1x20

Wooden Scrub Brush

Code : CLN068

UOM: 1x10

Plastic Dust Pan W/Long Handle

Code : CLN080

UOM: Pcs

Soft Floor Brush W/Handle

Code : ZCLN013

UOM: Pcs

Hard Deck Brush W/Wooden Handle

Code : ZCLN014

UOM: Pcs

Hair Net: Black

Code : KEY003

UOM: 10x144

Hair Net Cap: Nylon: Black

Code : KEY005

UOM: 10x100

Mob Cap - Crimped (White)

Code : MED005

UOM: 1x100

Mob Cap: Round (White)

Code : MED006

UOM: 1x100

Mob Cap - Crimped (Blue)

Code : MED057

UOM: 1x100

Mob Cap - Crimped (Green)

Code : MED067

UOM: 1x100

Mob Cap - Crimped (Black)

Code : MED069

UOM: 1x100

Peak Cap With Snood

Code : WOF050

UOM: 10x100

Peak Cap W/out Snood

Code : WOF051

UOM: 10x100

Dispenser For Maxi Roll

Code : CLN040

UOM: Pcs

C-Fold Towel Dispenser

Code : CLN042

UOM: Pcs

HRT Dispenser

Code : CLN046

UOM: Pcs

T. Tork Dispenser

Code : CLN059

UOM: Pcs

Center Pull Towel Dispenser: Blue

Code : CLN074

UOM: Pcs

Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser: Silver

Code : CLN076

UOM: Pcs

MultiFold Towel Dispenser: Silver

Code : CLN077

UOM: Pcs

Mini Facial Tissue Dispenser

Code : GCN033

UOM: Pcs

Dispenser For Sanitizing Wipes

Code : INT035

UOM: Pcs

Dispenser For Hand Sanitizer

Code : INT038

UOM: Pcs

Dispenser Touch Free

Code : INT095

UOM: Pcs

Floor Stand Touch-Free Dispenser

Code : INT099

UOM: Pcs

Floor Stand Dispenser For S. Wipes: Black#9118-DS2B

Code : INT100

UOM: Pcs

Floor Stand Dispenser For Sanitizing Wipes: Blue

Code : INT101

UOM: Pcs

GOJO Dispenser For Lotion Soap: 1000ml #2130-06

Code : INT103

UOM: Pcs

78 W/Ear Loop: 3ply (Green)

Code : MED003

UOM: 1x50

78 W/Tie Type: 3ply (Green)

Code : MED004

UOM: 1x50

Perfumed Hand Cream Soap Care #IC44/005

Code : INT005

UOM: 4x5 Litre

Perfumed Hand Cream Soap

Code : INT006

UOM: 6x1 Litre

Perfumed Hand Cream Soap

Code : INT061

UOM: 4x5 Litre

GOJO Deluxe Lotion Soap: 1000ml #2117-08

Code : INT102

UOM: Bag

GOJO Original Formula Hand Cleaner: 4.5Lb #1115-06

Code : INT104

UOM: Tub

GOJO Hand Clenser: Orange: 413ml #0957-12

Code : INT106

UOM: Pcs

Towel TSS Handroll: 1ply

Code : MEP036

UOM: 1x6Roll

Maxi Paper Roll: 21cm: 2ply

Code : MEP008

UOM: 1x6Roll

Maxi Paper Roll: 21cm: 2ply

Code : MEP008N

UOM: 1x6Roll

Maxi Paper Roll: 21cm-350 1ply

Code : MEP009

UOM: 1x6Roll

Maxi Paper Roll: 23cmx350m: 1ply

Code : MEP011

UOM: 1x6Roll

A-Tork Paper Roll: 1ply (White)

Code : MEP014

UOM: Roll

Maxi Paper Roll: 21cmx750gm-21gsm: 1ply

Code : MEP028

UOM: 1x6Roll

Maxi Paper Roll: 21cmx300m-19gsm: 1ply

Code : MEP031

UOM: 1x6Roll

Maxi Paper Roll: 150m-15gsm: 2ply

Code : MEP032

UOM: 1x6Roll

Mini Paper Roll: 10x150m: 2ply 340gm

Code : MEP016

UOM: 1x12Roll

Mini Paper Roll: 23cmx120m: 1ply

Code : MEP017

UOM: 1x12Roll

Mini Paper Roll: 10cmx150m-15gsm: 2ply

Code : MEP035

UOM: 1x12Roll

Wooden Mop Handle

Code : CLN016

UOM: Pcs

Aluminium Handle With Clip: HD

Code : CLN017N

UOM: Pcs

Plastic Window Wiper: 35cm

Code : CLN026

UOM: Pcs

Wringer With Basket Trolley: 25 Litre #CJ3000

Code : CLN035

UOM: Set

Wringer With Basket Trolley: Double

Code : CLN036

UOM: Set

Cotton Mop W/Wooden Handle: 400G

Code : ZCLN015

UOM: Pcs

Mop With Aluminium Handle: HD: 400g

Code : ZCLN017

UOM: Set

Metal Floor Sponge Wiper/W Wooden Handle: 45cm: Golden

Code : ZCLN028

UOM: Pcs

Oversleeves: Poly-Embossed (White)

Code : MED013

UOM: 1x50

Plastic Gloves: Small: H/D (Clear)

Code : MED035

UOM: 1x100

Plastic Gloves: Large: H/D (Clear)

Code : MED037

UOM: 1x100

Plastic Gloves: Large: H/D (Clear): Box

Code : MED037S

UOM: 100x100

Rubber Gloves: X-Large (Orange)

Code : MED042

UOM: 12Pair

Rubber Gloves: X-Large: H/D (Black)

Code : MED043

UOM: 12Pair

Sanitizing Wipes: 1200s/Bag

Code : INT034

UOM: 1xBag

Hand Sanitizer Gel: 1000ml/Bag

Code : INT036

UOM: 1x8Bag

Hand Sanitizer Gel: Touch Free: 1200ml/Bag

Code : INT094

UOM: Bag

Hand Sanitizer Gel Pump: 60ml

Code : INT096

UOM: Pcs

Hand Sanitizer Gel: 354ml

Code : INT098

UOM: Pcs

Sponge W/Green Pad (Green)

Code : CLN001

UOM: Doz

Scouring Pad (Green)

Code : CLN002

UOM: Doz

Steel Wool Scourer

Code : CLN003

UOM: 1x24Pcs

Steel Ring Scourer

Code : CLN004

UOM: Doz

Scouring Pad: H/D: 29x15x1cm

Code : CLN019

UOM: 1x10

Sponge Scouring Pad: H/D (Green)

Code : CLN020

UOM: Pcs

GOJO All Purpose Stain Cleanser: 3.78 Litre #1807-04

Code : INT107

UOM: Can

Trash Bag: White: 5 Gallon

Code : DPF034

UOM: Packet

Trash Bag: Yellow: 10 Gallon

Code : DPF035


Purell Hand Sanitizer Gel: 30ml

Code : INT110N

UOM: Pcs