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Adult Diaper: Large: 114x147cm

Code : LBC004

UOM: 4x22

Adult Diaper: 81x112cm: Medium

Code : LBC005

UOM: 4x22

Adult Diaper: 147cm Up Waist: X-Large

Code : LBC023N

UOM: 2x24

Adult Diaper: Small: 51x77cm

Code : LBC032

UOM: 4x22

Adult Pant (Pull-ups) Medium (70-100cm) Flufsan

Code : LBC048

UOM: 10x15

Adult Diaper: Super: X-Large (120-170cm)

Code : LBC049

UOM: 1x15Pcs

Adult Diaper: Medium (28

Code : LBC052

UOM: 12x10

Adult Diaper: Large (38

Code : LBC053

UOM: 12x10

Adult Diaper: X-Large (48

Code : LBC054

UOM: 12x10

Baby Diaper: 3 - 6kg: Small

Code : LBC007

UOM: 8x20Pcs

Baby Diaper: 18-25kg: X-Large

Code : LBC009N

UOM: 4x28Pcs

Baby Diaper: 6-12kg: Medium

Code : LBC018

UOM: 4x36 Pcs

Baby Diaper: 10-18kg: Large

Code : LBC019

UOM: 4x34 Pcs

Childrens Brief

Code : LBC022

UOM: Pcs

Adult Pant (Pull-ups): Medium (70-100cm) Flufsan

Code : LBC044

UOM: 6x14

Adult Pant (Pull-ups): Large (100-140cm)

Code : LBC045

UOM: 6x14

Adult Pant (Pull-ups): X-Large (120-170cm)

Code : LBC046

UOM: 6x14

Adult Pant (Pull-ups): Small (50-75cm)

Code : LBC047

UOM: 6x14

Underpad: Standard: 60x90cm

Code : LBC001

UOM: 4x22

Incontinence Pad: With SAP: 80x100cm

Code : LBC003

UOM: 10x10

Maternity/Sanitary Pad

Code : LBC011

UOM: 10x20

Underpad: 40x60cm: With SAP Lotus

Code : LBC024

UOM: 4x22

Underpad W/SAP: Blue: 60x90: Lotus

Code : LBC039

UOM: 4x22

Underpad With SAP: Blue: 60x80: Lotus #12777

Code : LBC039N

UOM: 4x22

Underpad: 60x60cm: With SAP

Code : LBC056

UOM: 1x20Pcs

Underpad: 60x90cm: With SAP

Code : LBC057

UOM: 1x10Pcs