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"Dental Bib" With Pocket: 37x58cm: 2ply: Blue

Code : MED017N

UOM: 9x100

Dental Bib With Pocket: 37x58cm: 3ply: White

Code : MED019

UOM: 1x100Pcs

Dental Bib: 37x60cm: 2ply: Blue

Code : MED020

UOM: 3x80

Dental Bib Roll: 55x60cm: 2ply: Blue: 80 Sheets/Roll

Code : MED085

UOM: Roll

Head Rest Cover: Dental Green

Code : MED276


Paper Face Mask: 1ply

Code : MED001

UOM: 1x100

Face Mask: Moulded - White

Code : MED002

UOM: 1x50

Paper Face Mask: 1ply

Code : MED053

UOM: 1x100

Face Mask: Paper: 2ply

Code : MED093

UOM: 100x100

Oversleeves: Poly Embossed

Code : MED061

UOM: 40x50

Oversleeves: Non-Woven - White

Code : MED103

UOM: 1x100

Oversleeves: Non-Woven (Blue)

Code : MED104

UOM: 1x100

Safety Goggles: Medical - PC Glass

Code : MED336

UOM: Pcs

Anti-Fog Face Shield W/Foam Padding

Code : MED335

UOM: 1x5